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 Download and Installation Instructions for Microsoft Windows users -

 Click here to download the installation file and start the installation process.    

If you want to know more - please read the notes below -

When you click on the download link, the Famtree5 installation file will be downloaded to your computer, unzipped, and run, installing Famtree5 on your computer.   These notes explain the process, and describe what happens when using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers - other browsers will be similar.   

  1. Click on  the 'Click here to download' link above or below these notes.   

    • Internet Explorer - You should see 'Do you want to run or save this file?' - Click 'Save', choose/note the download folder name, and click 'Save'.  When 'Download Complete' shows, click on 'Open Folder'.
    • Mozilla Firefox - You should see 'You have chosen to open famtree5setup.exe' - Click 'Save File'.   Your download window should open with famtree5setup.exe highlighted.

    • Google Chrome - At the foot of the screen you should see 'Are you sure you want to download famtree5setup.exe' - click 'Save' and famtree5setup.exe should appear at the foot of the screen.

  2. Double click on 'famtree5setup.exe'.  (Mozilla Firefix users may be asked if they wish to 'Open Executable File' - click 'OK')

  3. You may see a warning that the software does not have an authorised signature/publisher ('Publisher could not be verified')- this is because I write Famtree as a hobby, not as a commercial venture - but the files are all virus checked, and will not harm your computer - so it is safe to continue.  Please click on 'Run'.

  4. You may see the message 'Verifying application requirements', followed by 'Are you sure you want to install this application?' - Click on 'Install'.

  5. You should see 'Installing Famtree' - with a progress bar moving from 0% to 100%.     

  6. Famtree makes use of the Microsoft .NET framework - and the installation process will automatically fetch any framework files not already on your computer directly from the Microsoft website. If the .NET framework files are already on your computer - most users will already have them - the installation process should take less than a minute (the download file is less than 3MB in size, and it unzips and installs very quickly).   Installation time will be increased if any .NET framework files need to be downloaded.

  7. Once installed, Famtree will automatically start.   You will see a box inviting you to enter your password.   At this stage, just click on OK - you don't need to register and obtain a password until you are fully satisfied that Famtree meets your needs.  Close the program when you wish.

  8. To run Famtree again, just click on the Windows 'Start' button, and you will find the Famtree icon, leading to the Famtree5 icon, in your programs list (you can 'pin' the icon to your 'Start' list, or Send to desktop (create shortcut)  to create a 'shortcut' to Famtree5 on your desktop, by right clicking on 'Famtree5' and choosing from the menu which appears).

         Click here to download the installation file and start the installation process.  

Most people will be able to install Famtree without any difficulty.   A small number of users may not have 'permission' to install programs when logged in as 'standard' users.   If your installation fails before completing step 6 above, then please return to step 3.   Instead of double clicking on famtree5setup.exe, RIGHT click on it and choose 'Run as Administrator' from the list which appears.   (Note - Mozilla Firefox users may need to choose 'Open Containing Folder' first, then right click on famtree5setup.exe again, to choose 'Run as Administrator').

If, in step 6, progress reaches 100%, but Famtree then fails to start, go to 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Famtree' and find the Famtree5 icon.   RIGHT click on Famtree5 and select 'Run as Administrator' from the list.  

If the above tips do not resolve the situation, please visit the troubleshooting page.  

Please do if you have any difficulties.

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