Welcome to the Famtree5 installation troubleshooting page 

       Advice if you are having a problem with downloading, installing or starting Famtree5 ...       

If you've still not successfully installed Famtree5, please proceed as follows -

The installation process automatically checks to see if your computer has the required Microsoft .NET Framework files (and fetches them if you don't); then it installs Famtree5; and then it starts the program.   If the main download link does not work for you, you can carry out these processes manually.

  1. Check to see if the .NET Framework files are already on your computer.  Go to your 'C' drive and find the 'Windows' folder.  Look to see if there is a 'Microsoft.NET' folder inside the 'Windows' folder.   If there is, open it.   Is there a 'Framework' folder inside?   If so, is there a folder name starting with 'v2.0' inside the 'Framework' or 'Microsoft.NET' folder.   If this folder is present (it will be for most users) then you already have the .NET Framework installed.  If NOT, then please visit  The MSDN Downloads site and download/install the .NET 2.0 Framework.
  2. Provided the .NET 2.0 framework is installed you only need one more file for Famtree5 to work - the Famtree5 executable - famtree5.exe.  Copy famtree5.exe to your computer by clicking here, saving the file and then running it. (If using Internet Explorer, click 'Save', 'Open Folder', and double click 'famtree5.exe'; if using Mozilla Firefox, click 'Save File', right click famtree5.exe and choose 'Open Containing Folder', and double click on 'famtree5.exe'; if using Google Chrome, click 'Save', click down arrow to right of famtree5.exe, and choose 'Show in Folder', and then double click famtree5.exe).   You may see the 'Publisher could not be verified' message - you can 'untick' 'always ask before running this file'.   Famtree5 should start straight away; just click on 'OK' to clear the password request screen and continue.  After you've closed the program, just go back to where you downloaded it to, and right click on famtree5.exe, and pick either 'Pin to Start menu', or 'Send to desktop (create shortcut)' to make Famtree accessible for future use.
  3. Note - this method provides you with the Famtree5 program on its own - without the downloaded copy of the manual (the on-line version is accessible within the program) and without the sample files (which are not needed). 

If you are still having difficulties please do . Please let me know which version of Famtree, and which version of which browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge etc) you are using, and which version of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and whether it is a 32 or 64 bit version of the operating system, and what anti-virus program you are using.   Please also provide details of what seems to be happening.   If the process actually fails, an error message may appear, or you may have the option to see 'details' - if so, please copy the details or error message into your email if you can.

I will endeavour to assist in resolving the problem.

Please do if you have any difficulties.

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